Truth and fiction about online poker

Truth and fiction about online poker

No wonder that nowadays there are all sorts of myths about playing poker at online casinos, which tend to be spread by less fortunate players who prefer to blame situations and circumstances for their losses, although it’s all about their own mistakes.

However, it is fair to say that some rumors concerning the unscrupulousness of certain virtual casinos that prevent successful gaming, maybe partly justified.

This article will discuss the most common fictions about online poker, especially popular among both newcomers and some seasoned casino customers.

All online casino players are doomed to lose

Since poker is a game of chance, and absolutely any online casino offer always involves the advantage of the gambling establishment, the player should always be prepared for a loss, which will happen sooner or later.

Indeed, poker is a game of chance, but unlike video slots or roulette, a lot in this game depends directly on the player. This is confirmed by the numerous and continuous disputes as to whether poker is really a game of chance or a sport.

  • It is no secret that high-class professionals can win substantial sums of money by beating their partners at the table or at the internet casino. 
  • And if the majority of gambling products provided by virtual casinos, the player can do almost nothing with the advantage of gambling establishment and is doomed to lose money over a long distance, this postulate has nothing to do with poker.

The reason for this lies in the profit scheme used by the gambling establishment: winnings are the losses of less fortunate players and not the funds belonging to the casino. That is, the gambling establishment simply gets its share of the profits regardless of which of the visitors won or lost.

Only lucky players win the big money

A game like poker is not a production process in which you can plan and calculate the result in advance, adding up the right amount of money invested and effort required. In it, many factors are based on chance, but if an experienced player will constantly increase the balance of his gaming account, a beginner, on the contrary, will systematically reduce it.

Exactly such an essential factor as distance, that is, the period of time spent by an online casino visitor at the game, equalizes the index of luck, since in addition to lucky cards at the deal, the player also uses his mathematical abilities and thorough knowledge of all poker combinations. And it is the one who has certain skills that can stay in the winnings for quite a long time. At the same time, a lucky beginner can win for a few days, but if he plays constantly for at least a week, the chance of losing becomes quite high.

Poker rooms always play unfairly

This myth is one of the most common and well-known fabrications about online poker, as those who regularly lose simply cannot believe that it happens completely by chance. In particular, the following are often cited as reasons why an online casino always plays supposedly against a customer: 

  • playing against a visitor who often wins; 
  • playing against someone who has strong cards; 
  • playing after money has been withdrawn from the account.

Moreover, according to some players, virtual casinos purposely arrange clashes of customers with strong card combinations to increase the excitement, which leads to an increase in the amount of money collected from visitors.

However, during the entire existence of online casinos, such machinations have never been proven. And this is quite understandable, as it is much easier for any virtual casino to play honestly and take its share from each game, than to take risks and use cheating tricks.

The dangers of withdrawal

It is a common statement on the internet that once the player has withdrawn the money he has won, his luck turns away and he is doomed to lose soon at an online casino an amount equal to the amount already withdrawn. That is why some poker enthusiasts advise to refrain from playing at this casino for at least six months after the withdrawal.

However, if it were so in reality, it is very difficult to believe that the computer system would “forget” about the winnings in just half a year. In addition, it should be remembered that the winnings are not paid by the online casino itself, but by other players who have lost.

Online poker players are beaten by robots

Those uninformed about the operation of any online casino are often prepared to take the fiction for granted. But it should be noted that although robot programs that can take part in the gaming process do exist and are quite capable of winning, poker rooms don’t use them. But other players can occasionally use such programs, despite the fact that it is a serious violation and online casinos now block them for such actions.

As for the robots directly from the virtual casino that know all the opponent’s cards and can easily beat them, they simply do not exist. Of course, programs used in place of real players are used in casinos, but they don’t play any better than the developers who created them. In addition, they do not know the opponent’s cards and therefore are deprived of any advantage.

Special software or cheats are used in online casinos

The vast majority of fans of virtual gambling products are well aware that almost all games have special loopholes that allow you to bypass obstacles and win. However, there is no such thing in the software of poker rooms, as poker is a rather serious business and its value can reach several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Moreover, online casinos control as much as possible the security of all their products, so there are no special programs, which allow you to win more often than other players.

However, the spread of this type of disinformation is profitable for those who offer to purchase such software online, assuring that with the help of this program you can not only find out the opponent’s cards, but also get a number of other advantages. Of course, such programs benefit only those who make money from their sale.

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