Roboslots (1X2 Gaming): the meeting place for lucrative robots!

Roboslots (1X2 Gaming): the meeting place for lucrative robots!

The Tops

  • Robotnik invites itself on your screens!
  • Free spins at the touch of a screwdriver.
  • 10 000$ thanks to an artificial intelligence!

The Flops

  • A little simplistic, although charming.
  • A bonus game that skipped techno classes!
  • All to your screwdrivers, there’s a lot of work to be done!

You’ll see that your college technology classes will come in handy on this 1X2 Gaming slot RobotslotsTM! Electronic circuits and artificial intelligence are on the menu of this science fiction scene straight out of 1X2 Gaming studios. You will be able to improvise a small solder for a jackpot of 10 000€! It’s still a lot of money to pay for a solder, isn’t it? Anyway, it’s on 1X2 Gaming’s account! So go ahead, arm yourself with your binoculars and gloves, and to avoid a short circuit or a TNT discharge, follow our review of this slot machine!

Did you know the robot dance?

When you step onto this slot machine, you’ll see that the title of the machine will be hard to decipher! Well you see that you shouldn’t skip techno classes, you’ll be able to speak the language of bolts, screws and all those other indispensable tools for your robots! Your five coils will be full of robots of different sizes and colors, which from a graphic point of view are extremely sharp and clean, all on a background of electrical circuitry. Each of the fifteen payment lines will give life to the different robots, which is still quite nice. On the other hand, without a short introductory video, the mystery will be complete about the origin of these robots and their intentions on your reels.

Once you have gotten to know these robots, you can finally start to plant the nail, by betting up to 5 chips per payline, which you can acquire by paying between 1 euro cent and 50 euro cents. All this to lead you to a bonus of 20,000 chips. As for your real money wagers, you can bet up to $22 to claim the $10,000 jackpot all round! It’s a pretty well-oiled machine, we’ll give you that!

These robots are real jokers, every time you laugh, you win!

You should know that not all robots are the same, and that those who have made their annual visits will bring you more money than those who have missed out on them! In case of a winning combination, the green robot will multiply your earnings by 110, while the blue one will multiply them by 500, the red one by 1000 and the grey one by 2000! As soon as you see the bonus symbol lining up on your reels, you’ll be entitled to a series of free spins, which will allow you to reach a certain jackpot, in addition to multiplying all this nice jackpot by 2!

  • If you’re looking for even more free spins, the pink E.T. looking robot will unlock up to 25 free spins, just for you! 
  • That’s not all, the yellow robot mounted on a wheel, which appears only during free spins, will allow you to multiply your winnings acquired during free spins by 200! 
  • No robot clash, or even making a robot in bonus game for you, dear players! 1X2 Gaming didn’t think it would be useful to add a little game on RoboslotsTM, and that’s a shame!

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