Alabama Will Legalize Casino Gambling

There Is Still Hope Alabama Will Legalize Casino Gambling

Pro gambling politicians will not give up their fight to create a state lottery and bring casinos to the southern state. Last week Senate Tourism Committee agreed to have the state lottery placed on the ballot. While Alabama might not be Australian’s first choice when picking an overseas gambling destination, with most choosing Las Vegas local officials are hoping to turn the state into a gambling mecca. While you are waiting to go on your next gambling holiday why don’t you try your luck at  Woo Casino Login.

This only a week after another pro-gambling bill was defeated in the senate. This amended bill only deals with issues of the lottery, but casino operators are hopeful this could lead to further gaming legalization. Officials have said the bill could be amended to include other gambling-related issues.

Why Did The First Alabama Gambling Bill Fail?

The first bill was always destined to fail. It forced voters to decide on the fate of 5 new casinos whose locations had already been decided. This proved to be too much to ask of voters.

 The bill also would have allowed the local Native Indian tribe to increase their gaming facilities and establish fully operational casinos.

The bill ended, failing by a mere two votes.  Marsh, who proposed the bill, was angered that his senators who he had struck deals with, had gone against their word and opposed his bill. Marsh also blamed himself for allowing the bill to be voted on when two supporting senators were unable to vote due to being sick, describing it as a rookie move.

Marsh was more worried about getting the bill to the Senate quickly. He admitted he should have been more patient and focused on it getting passed.

Marsh hopes the new simplified lottery will have enough support to get over the line. Once that bill gets passed, he wants to then push for amendments that would see Alabama have its own casinos.

Small Steps And Simplicity Are The Secrets To Getting The Alabama Gambling Bill Passed

The new lottery-only bill should pass the Senate without great uproar. Currently, Alabama is one of only four states to not have a lottery. The goals of the bill are to have a state lottery and give Alabama residents access to nationwide jackpots such as the Mega Millions and Powerball.

The bill would also allow locals to purchase scratch tickets and play the lottery online. Alabama hopes to use funds raised from the lottery to improve the state’s education system, which is currently one of the worst-ranked in the United States.

McClendon, the author of the new simplified gambling bill, said he is more than willing to make amendments to the bill that would see Alabama residents be able to gamble at casinos in their home state. 

McClendon wants to test the waters of this simplified bill first before trying to get more complex and controversial gambling bills past. He believes that eventually, Alabama will fully legalize gambling, and the state will soon be home to casinos that rival any other that the US has to offer.

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