How to win in Keno? Tips and Methods

How to win in Keno? Tips and Methods

Are you fascinated by lottery games and would like to learn more about them? Then first of all you should know that there are many different kinds of lottery games. Just like the Euromillions which represents the European lottery, each country has its own version and we will focus here on the Chinese version which is commonly called Keno.

Playing Current Numbers

One of the first tips we can give you is to play the numbers that are often drawn instead of the numbers that don’t appear often. Of course we all need a bit of luck. Also note that the probability of certain numbers appearing has been demonstrated by some statistical studies. 

So keep these two important things in mind and then let’s move on to the tips that will help you in Keno.

Tip #1: Finding the Numbers

Predicting 10 out of 20 numbers seems to be easy and accessible to everyone, but it would still be necessary to get the best combinations. The best solution is, therefore, that instead of spreading yourself too thin, you make sure you get the 4 to 7 right numbers.

Tip #2: The line-up technique

After choosing the numbers, please make sure that each unit is identical. Repetition is one of the methods that works quite often in this kind of game. You have to bring back the numbers that have the same units. To help you understand, let’s take an example with a final 8 as an example:

  • 8- 18- 28- 38- 48- 58- 68

Tip #3: Choosing a Final

It is important to know how to pair a winning final. Often, at each draw, the numbers with the same finals vary between 2 and 3. In exceptional cases, 4 completely different finals can be obtained. This will allow you to use the finals not yet drawn. Combine them afterwards with your choice of numbers.

Tip #4 : Optimizing the combinations

With two daily draws by the weekend, a large final number will have been drawn. In order to evaluate your options in your combination choices, the best thing to do is to combine 3 numbers with at least 2 different finals. 

However, you still have the choice between a 3 or 2 number combination of up to fourteen draws.

Tip #5 : Using a system

What is a system?

  •  A system is a way that allows you to find the ideal combination on a grid by associating 2 numbers. 
  • You can for example, take a system of 2 grids with 2 numbers. 
  • To explain otherwise, you will not validate a grid with 4 numbers, but rather focus on validating 2 grids with 2 numbers.

What are the reasons why you need to adapt your combination to a system?

First of all because your payout will be much higher. Then, because the probability that you will win increases too. The trick to having a winning system is to be able to find two good numbers. Also, the probability that a system of 2 grids with 2 numbers out of 5 draws will give a better result than a combination goes beyond 56%.

If we continue with the previous example without changing the draws, and continuing with a combination of 2 numbers on 5 grids, we have a probability close to 90%, so think about the percentage of chance you will get with more draws. It is also possible to use a combination of 2 by changing the number of draws where your probability of winning will also increase for this purpose. So you have the choice: 14, 10 or 5 draws. In order to increase your chances of winning, it is often necessary to play regularly and consistently, without forgetting that he who risks nothing has nothing.

Tip #6 : The reference in relation to the zones

The zones give you a helping hand by allowing you to situate yourself on the different combinations to be used. These zones from the predictions will allow you to confirm your exact combination of numbers. It is a tracking device that will help you over time and will allow you to improve your technique and find flaws.

Tip #7: Using a reducer system

It is a method based on calculations that will allow you, according to a database, to tend with the chosen numbers towards the most perfect combination. You will see that the choice of your numbers will be drastically reduced. 

So much for the few tips we have, so let’s move on to advice

Tip 1: The Game Mode

The choice of game mode as you have surely noticed is just as important as choosing the right numbers. Unlike the x1 multiplier, the x3 multiplier is a great help. Indeed, the x3 multiplier allows you to increase your winnings, so it is very useful. In case you don’t hit the jackpot, you can still quickly calculate your winnings by choosing your game mode.

Tip 2: Winning in the long term 

Once you’ve mixed your numbers properly based on your study and the prints that came out, you now need to arrange them with a system. This is what will contribute to your gain over time. At first, lucky numbers such as birth dates, phone numbers, home addresses can help. But they are not based on any logic and cannot really help you.

Tip 3: Try Progressive Gambling

Predictions alone will not help you maximize your chances and winnings. The various prognostic studies alone will not help you succeed. Timing is just as important in order to win. You need to find out about the latest winnings, the last prizes won and those still in play. So follow the evolution of the game and the direction of the money with assiduity. Don’t waste your time and money in a package where the jackpot isn’t worth much. It’s not easy to win in Keno, but it will be doubly so if you don’t collect any information about the different draws.

Tip 4: Training

You have the possibility when you play online, to play in simulation mode. In other words, in this mode, no need to spend money, you play for free. Of course your winnings will be just virtual. The simulation mode will just allow you to acquire the right reflexes and to base yourself on logic. It’s a kind of training before tackling the real game. You don’t just have to rely on your luck to succeed, you have to master all the workings of the system before you start.

Tip 5: Use Logic

This method is not complicated at all. You have to follow all the results that come out and use them as a basis for your calculations. The probability that the numbers that have not yet appeared is quite high. This trick is also known as the “rule of averages”.

Tip 6: Observing statistics

In addition to the previous rule, you can try another method which is the opposite of the first one. This method consists in accumulating the different results that come out quite often and betting them when you need to. It will require a lot of thought and strategy.

You will then be able to form your numbers. It often happens that successive numbers come out. 

  • For example, you may have a 30 followed by 31.
  • Sometimes, the numbers that follow one another can be complementary as it was the case in 2012.
  •  The numbers were assumed to be 23-25-27-29-31, so the next ones will be 24-26-28-30. You can try this theory. Who knows, you might win.

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