How to win in Keno: What do you need to know?

How to win in Keno: What do you need to know?

How to play Keno?

The Keno of the French games has the advantage of having a fixed jackpot which goes up to 100’000$ per year during all the life or 2 million euros at once.

And this without the multiplier option, which allows you to win up to 10 times the initial winnings, depending on the number of draws, or the equivalent of $1 million per year for life or $20 million in a single shot.

The game of Keno is presented in the form of a grid with numbers, to play it you have to:

  • Tick from 2 to 10 numbers out of the 70 numbers in the grid.
  • Then bet between $1 and $10, which will affect the winnings in the case of a winning draw.
  • You can also choose the “multiplier” option, the usefulness of which was explained above.

It is possible to play Keno by buying the grid at the point of sale of La Française des Jeux or to buy it at a tobacconist’s, but it is also possible to play it online, in which case you must not forget to validate the grid.

How to win in Keno?

Keno is a game of chance that offers very good chances of winning, but it remains a game of chance that obeys only luck. It is still possible to optimize your chances of winning with a few tricks which are the following:

  • Choose a combination where all the units of the numbers are the same. This technique maximizes the player’s chances of winning in Keno because the endings of the numbers are repeated as the numbers are drawn.
  • Check the option multiplied by 3. Not only does this increase the payout, it also increases the odds of winning.
  • Asking about predictions on the internet, even though they do not guarantee that the player will win, can be very helpful.
  • Use the reducer systems in Keno. These are algorithms that use statistics, based on the way the player plays and the numbers he wants to play, these systems propose to find for him the best combinations in Keno.

While these systems find the best combinations based on statistics, they do not guarantee to find the right combination and win, however they greatly increase the chances of winning through mathematics.

Keno on the Internet is a real success

While some games are not well known, others are very popular. So you can linger on online Keno, because it has the means to satisfy you even if you’re a novice. The rules aren’t very complex, you just have to check boxes and wait until the draw. The function is practically the same as the one identified for Lotto. So you have strategies that allow you to add to your bets and win more often. Of course, it is impossible to retrieve the exact combination.

  • Popularity is there thanks to the rules, which are relatively simple.
  • Keno on the Internet offers other concepts with, in particular, 3D animations that make the sessions a little more enjoyable.

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